Frequently asked questions

There is no typical price as every unit is built to client specification. It also depends on size, age, condition of the truck as well as the number of appliances and equipment needed for  each project. A full kitchen size food trucks/trailers start at$60.000 and can go up to $200.000 depending on various factors.

Most people that are working in industry make anywhere between $200.000 to $500.000 gross income per year based on a great marketing, full time operations and desirable menu products as well as maximizing sales to various events.

Any serious business person would start up by doing a good online research. Inform yourself about local by laws and health authority requirements. There are multiple websites which are educating about the costs, logistics and operations of food trucks and trailers. You will also have to think about financial options, but we can help you with that with our strategic partners. Links are at the bottom of our site.

All the builders have their own way of building their units and conduct their business certain way. We take pride at Cruisine, that we are not a cookie cutter manufacturer, but rather very detailed custom builder, that takes pride in our work and we thrive to be the best in this industry with two year warranty on our work. We offer a free consultation and give you a lot of information about the build, systems, equipment, business and operational logistics. Apart from that, make sure the builder is a one stop shop as many are not. Check their websites and determine what attracts you and how well their builds are. There are a lot of “wanna be” builders who hoax people for money, so be sure you check their credibility, website, reviews and make sure they are legit. Also, remember, what you pay is usually what you get.

This depends on complexity of build, size and time of the year. Our busiest time to build is Winter/Spring period, but lately with popularity of food trucks growing, we are busy year round. Smart people plan well ahead and try to avoid the peak build time where wait time is about three months. We build a truck as fast as four weeks. Keep in mind that most of our competitors take way longer than three months, some of them go up to eight months or more, so again inform yourself about that and make your best choice to chose Cruisine as your fastest builder by far in this industry.

Yes, lots of builders are out there to confuse you with their quotes, mark up their kitchen equipment, omit generators, vinyl wrap, citing full labor and then small print for extra charges, not including GST in quotes etc. We at Cruisine created a typical cost for a build up of a food truck under Construction section on our website, where you can see where the price ranges should be. We give you straight forward quote with all breakdown of pricing, no hidden small print and one stop shop. Too cheap? Beware. Too expensive? Be cautious.

All the new equipment comes with warranty on parts and labor while buying used equipment does not. Be cautious buying anything used as you probably won’t have a chance to test it if it really works. Also some of the old equipment can not be converted from natural gas to propane. Some of the used equipment might not be up to date with certification and label requirements. Our suggestion is to go with new equipment if possible.

New trucks are very pricey they start around $80.000 and up depending on the length, but they only make them to order and a usual lead time to build one in factory is over a year. If deciding on purchasing an used truck, try to pick one that is 2000 and up. Some people decide to change engine and tranny on their trucks which makes truck more reliable and that makes sure you won’t miss any events or pay penalties to organizers. Trucks under year 2000 are more plentiful , but parts for them are harder to find.

At Cruisine, we give you a two years warranty on craftsmanship, which is the most extended warranty in the industry of mobile kitchen builders. Furthermore, you have a limited warranty on your vinyl wrap and on all the new equipment installed. We do not give any warranty on mechanical condition of the truck you purchased.